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 naturist365  -  Richard and Caroline's Place

Naturist365 or Richard and Caroline’s place as it is more commonly referred to now, is near  a lovely small town called Ourique in Portugal.  It is set on 22 hectares of protected land with a small lake and our free roaming horses.

The added bonus is that If you are a naturist,  love horses and would like to know how to look after them naturally, why not come see how we do it.  Caroline is a horse behaviourist and sorts out all sorts of horsey problems.

We also have three very friendly dogs.

We are not a retreat, or a campsite, nor are we a community.  We are an eco friendly naturist place, and strive to recycle and re-use items where ever possible.  We are working to be self sustainable, in as far as possible and we are totally off grid.  We work with nature and not against nature.

So what are we?  This is a question that we have put to numerous people who have passed through the gates of this magical place.  The answer we get it is simply Richard and Caroline’s place, Richard and Caroline’s piece of paradise, Richard and Caroline’s magical place.

In varying degrees our place affects everyone who sets foot on the land, and everyone takes something away with them.  For some it is life changing and for others it is something smaller.

Some have returned to us within 24 hours of leaving and other have been back time and time again.  Being drawn back to the magic of this special place.

It is a laid back place where you can be in touch with yourself and nature.  You can relax, be free and above all be yourself.

You can come here as a visitor and all we ask for is a donation.  You can bring your own accommodation, tent, caravan, camper van, or we can supply you with a tent with everything and meals can be provided. The facilities would be back to nature, outdoor warm water showers, and portable toilet.


We have limited space so if you wish to visit us booking is essential

Only an hours drive from Faro Airport

At the moment we have limited facilitates

We just ask for a donation

We have solar showers, free Wi-Fi. etc.

Sorry NO Pets


If you like wild camping, then this is the place for you

If you would like to be put on our mailing list to be informed of developments or

if you have a question e-mail us at


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