Snuggling with a friend



Freedom at the lake






Star calling











Waiting for dinner














Five weeks after arriving at naturist365








Starlight when we first saw her

Enjoying a good scratch



Love is in the air



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Our Horses

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Our Horses are free to roam…. free to do whatever horses need to do, to feel safe and happy, as far as 55 acres will allow.  So we decided to change the status quo, and rather than put the horses into paddocks, we will create individual paddocks for our guests and ourselves, and allow the horses to come and look at us if they choose to.

All horses that come to live here, are either re-homed or rescued, and each have their individual story.  When they come here, they come for life to live as a family herd, which is hugely important for their psychological wellbeing, and in time, this is reflected in their naturally gentle and affectionate behaviour.


You will be able to watch how horses like to spend their time, which is mostly grazing or dozing, with occasional bouts of play.  They are naturally gregarious and inquisitive, however this sometimes takes a long time to develop, depending on their previous lives.


We have two horses at the moment, Star (looking at the camera), and Mac.  They are both friendly, and will probably come to say hello.  They might allow you to give them a scratch, and if you get just the right spot, with the right amount of pressure, Star gives you the biggest smile and wobbles her lip.  I bet you can’t help but smile too !


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