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  Location of Ourique            Flag of Ourique


Ourique is a pretty Alentejo town, just 10 minutes from us, directly off the main IC1 road.  As you enter the town you can turn left to the supermarket and petrol station or right towards the cafés and streets lined with palm and orange trees.  Here you will also find ample and easy parking.  Take a stroll around and you will see that the lower part of the town seems quite modern, with a cultural centre, swimming pool, football stadium, cinema, cafés and restaurants to choose from and so on.  There are a number of ways you can walk up to the castle, and as you do, you will start to see the old town unveil.  The streets become narrow, and the shops and buildings more traditional, some with walls ornately decorated in tiles, and some with surprising roof top decorations.  It is a nice town to explore, and one which quickly becomes familiar.














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