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Storage Fees

The storage of caravans, campervans, trailer tents, trailers and other items is 0.70  per day [seventy cents ] payable monthly or yearly in advance.

Insurance cannot accept liability for any damage to any item or items stored on land. It is the responsibility of the owner or owners to ensure that any item or items are insured. 


Non Payment of Storage Fees

If a caravan, motor home, trailer tent, or other item is left on the site without permission, i.e. exceeding the period for which the storage fee was paid, shall be entitled to make such arrangements as it may deem fit for the removal of the unit. The expense of such removal will be for the owners account and in the event of the owner failing to pay such account within fourteen days of it being rendered, the owner is deemed to have authorised to make further arrangements as it may deem fit to dispose of the unit to reimburse itself for any out of pocket expenses and to recover any unpaid fees due. reserves the right to store such a unit and to charge the owner a proper commercial rate for storage


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